Reliable Tree Health Advice

When there are problems with your trees, and you aren't sure what the problems are, call the experts at Arborsmith Tree Professionals LLC. Our ISA Certified Arborist (Registration number - PN-8034A) can help you identify the problems and come up with appropriate responses. We can also help you select new trees that will prosper.

We provide tree health opinions and arborist reports at a reasonable fee, with a partial credit given if work is performed on your project. 

Certification, education, continuing education, and renewals qualify a Certified Arborist to render these expert opinions, which are accepted by insurers, government agencies, and others. We can also provide you with the necessary information about your trees. 
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Local Plant Experience Put to Good Use

Drawing on 12 years of local experience and a lifetime in Oregon, we can give you sound, professional advice that will keep your trees growing strong.
  • Tree condition identification
  • Disease identification and care recommendations
  • Pest identification and care suggestions
  • Advice on avoiding invasive plant species
  • Assistance in selecting trees that resist disease and pests
Let us become your partner in creating a beautiful, thriving landscape on your property. Call 541-261-6016 or contact us today.
Emergency Service Available

Call 541-261-6016

Hire a ISA Certified Arborist (Registration number - PN-8034A) today!

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