Effective Stump Grinding

If stumps are ruining your yard or presenting a hazard to your property, let Arborsmith Tree Professionals LLC help you get rid of them.

Our effective approach removes the stump and prevents regrowth, resolving the problem once and for all.
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Available for Stumps and Roots of Any Size

Whether you're troubled with the remains of an apple tree or a sequoia, we'll reach the spot, remove the offending wood, and enhance site safety and appearance.
  • Stump killing to abate regrowth
  • Removal of raised or surface roots
  • Narrow-access stump grinder for tight spots
We can remulch your soil with stump grindings if you prefer and also prepare the site for new planting. Just let us know what you want and you'll get it done right!

Call us at 541-261-6016 or contact us today.
Stump grinding
Emergency Service Available

Call 541-261-6016

Hire an ISA Certified Arborist (Registration number - PN-8034A) today!

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