Knowledgeable Tree Care Crew

If you think you are facing a tree hazard, let locally owned Arborsmith Tree Professionals LLC check it out and offer an abatement plan.

Our 12 years of area experience has taught us what to look out for and what to do, so you can count on our good advice and great service.
limb removal

Taking Action to Protect You and Your Property

Whether your trees are damaged by storm or decaying, let our ISA Certified Arborist (Registration number - PN-8034A) take a look and make proper recommendations on a range of services.
  • Identification of hazards
  • Removal of limbs or trees over structures
  • Removal of broken branches and trunks
  • Treatment or removal of decayed or infested trees
  • Cabling to increase tree security
Contact us or call 541-261-6016 for an appointment. 

If you face an emergency, call 541-261-6016 right away!
Emergency Service Available

Call 541-261-6016

Hire an ISA Certified Arborist (Registration number - PN-8034A) today!

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